2019 is here and January is almost over. I think I speak for alot of people when I say WTF?! Anyway now that rant is over…

We are all guilty of not food prepping, ordering waaaay to much uber eats or popping to the local Thai takeaway every few days. I know this to be true because the Ipsos Food Health Report found Australians were eating out or eating pre-prepared meals about 2 – 3 times a week and as we all know, convenience doesn’t come cheap.

I started back at work on the 2nd of the month (which still feels like yesterday) but anyways… I thought to myself, “wow I really need to get back into nourishing this bod of mine…” My friend basically read my mind and sent through a link to this new food delivery brand she had found. So I did what I do best and immediately ordered.

Turns out, this is a damn good solution. Enter Soulara, the latest plant-based home delivery service. Soulara is entirely vegan, with a focus on minimal processing, maximum nutrition and no calorie counting. It is also hands-down the prettiest rainbow of foods I did ever see.

It is super easy to use: you select your plan based on your needs, choosing from 9 up to 18 meals per week. There is no cooking or prep involved. Your meals are delivered to your door in a big fun shiny box. Plus you get to select different meals every week, including amazing snax and cold pressed juices – no mess no fuss and surprisingly cheap!

The meals work out to between $9.50 – $11.50 per meal. That’s less than your weekly pad thai and a whole lot better for you.

So far I have tried 9 of the meals on the menu and I have no complaints, I am not hungry after eating (which is actually really rare), I am probably saving money in trying to cook food this nourishing (although I have not done the calculations) and I am feeling 10/10.

Soulara deliver all over Aus so use my link and get $20 off your first order!




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