Having an online presence in this digital age in SO important, even if your business runs offline. In the current world we live in your customers need answers straight away. “Oh I feel like getting a massage, I’ll google places near me.” or “My car is making a funny noise, I’ll google mechanics near me”. The list of reasons go on.

Basically the question is, how will your customers find you if you are not coming up online?

Even for customers that know you’re there, they may have forgotten your address, lost your business card, need your email address. How are they to find this information with no online presence?

Now if you’re feeling what I’m feeling and understand the need to be online then let me help you with some hot tips on how to do it!

Domain/Website/Google My Business

Your online presence starts here, its all well and good having a Facebook pages but if you really want to come up in that Google search you’ve gotta play by Google’s rules! Your domain name, is the heart of your business’s unique address on the web & your website is your business’s online home. It’s where you tell your story, showcase products and services, and start to establish credibility and expand your reach. Then of course Google My Business to add that extra touch!

Social Media

To help support that new little website of yours you also need to setup some socials (if you haven’t already) Here in Aus the only ones that really matter are Facebook & Instagram. Getting active on these sites where your customers spend their time is key to building an online community around your business. This is super important to build relationships with your customers and keep your business front of mind.

Local Reviews & Directories

You can inspire consumer confidence (ahem, get more new customers) by garnering positive reviews on third-party sites like Google My Business. Also create some relationships and get yourself on local directories & partners websites to assist with building your online brand.

The list of things you can do goes on but as long as you start here you have the first few steps to being in the online world.

If you need some help starting feel free to contact me, I would love to help!

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