I LOVVVVE DIGITAL. Everything is so easily accessible to us with the internet and honestly, what a time to be alive. My love for the online world probably began when MySpace became a thing and you could build your own profile in HTML?! Yes please.

I could tell you my whole digital background but basically started in MySpace, and has now grown into the grown up stuff of basic website builds, social setup, affiliate marketing and so on.

Having a digital presence is SO important and such an organic way to get your name into the big-wide-world (of web).

Almost every person over probably 13 is online in some way, whether it be googling something, playing a game, checking your friends Instagram posts or just trying to find whatever you need – because you can pretty much find it online.

I know how important it is to be online, because if you are not found online – your customer will find your competition and nobody wants that!

Now that I have started my own little blog, I find it the perfect time to integrate the two and help any other startups or anyone for that matter with affordable digital solutions. I can help move your brand off Instagram or Facebook only and give you a complete online presence.

Reach out if you would like to collaborate or work with me!

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