I used to be known by my friends for the one who had a pill for everything… That’s right, I had this draw with cremes, tablets, mixtures for any kind of pain or sickness (not the fun stuff just general stuff from the chemist). Every time I got sick I would take cold n flu, panadol, go to the doctor for antibiotics. Little did I know I was literally killing every bit of good bacteria in my body.

I have (only recently) thrown it allll away as my knowledge grows of the simple things you can actually do to be healthy, overcome a cold and even (big one for me) tonsillitis and would you believe it… It doesn’t include anything from that draw I used to have.

It all began with the magic of using echinacea and olive leaf extract whenever I started to feel slightly ill, honestly these mixed with essential oils  (and generally eating well) are MAGIC.

The step-by-step… I recently avoided getting sick but ensuring all my lows (zinc, iron, vitamin D aaaand B) we’re kept in the highs. I only fed my body vegetables, fruit, salads and fish and I use my MAGIC combo of echinacea and olive leaf extract mixed with some lavender, lemon and peppermint oils, this helped me BEAT THAT COLD.

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