After my last session with my naturopath we discussed the benefits of adding collagen/gelatin into my diet, so naturally me being who I am, I went straight to the shop to buy some without doing any research, I have decided to do this now and share with ya’ll.

Below is a bit of background about collagen/gelatin but in a nutshell we no longer get this in our diets so need to supplement it, which will support your gut and your skin to get that naturrrrallly glow.

Collagen is found mostly in the “odd bits” of  our food, the tougher cuts of meat that contain a lot of connective tissue. The parts of animals that our ancestors ate, but we typically throw away today.

Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen – it’s the way we can eat the beneficial amino acids in the collagen without having to sit down to a lovely plate of raw tendons for dinner (YUCK!)

Collagen is important for skin and bone health – supplements are sold for everything from wrinkles to osteoporosis. As well as supplying the important amino acids for collagen stores in your body, gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen also have gut-healing benefits that might be even more important from a health perspective. Because most of the health benefits of collagen/gelatin come from the amino acids, it’s likely that for most people, the benefits will be the same whether you’re getting hydrolyzed collagen or gelatin.

I have been adding collagen to my morning coffee with my fave little KeepCup and any food that I make, I can’t even taste the difference. You can even make little gummies as a snack! Obviously I am feeling 10/10 for doing it.

Soooo jump on that collagen or gelatin train now to start feeling amazing yourself. Also use my link to get $10 off your first order!

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